Online Gift Certificate

You can obtain a Gift Certificate for One Body Spa by mail or in person; however, if you would like to get the Gift Certificate immediately online, you can ,by doing the following:

  1. Contact One Body Spa by phone, provide them with your credit card information for the services you desire.
  2. You will be given a confirmation number for the Gift Certificate.
  3. Print out the gift certificate in the form you desire, using one of the buttons below and record your confirmation number as well as information about yourself and the guest recipient.
    Note: The form will appear in a separate window.  Print the form and then close that window to return here.
Select one of the following print forms:

MS Word format*
(blank form)

MS Word format*
(custom form)

Internet format

Print out the form
and manually fill in
the information
Fill in the information
on your computer and
then print it out.
This will work
on any computer



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Last updated:  April 3,  2008